Top 10 Indoor Plants for 2023 - Auckland Edition

Top 10 Indoor Plants for 2023 - Auckland Edition

Here is our top 10 indoor house plant lists for 2023. These are plants that have been tried and true for me and have sold very well instore.


1. Calathea Makoyana / Peacock Plant
Originally from Brazil this plant is a popular choice due to its beautiful foliage and bold markings. I've found it's the easiest of calatheas to care for.

2. Monstera Deliciosa
Native to Mexico, the monstera is an exotic indoor houseplant with large and leathery leaves. Young plants have leaves that are smaller with no lobes (holes), but as they mature the holes will become apparent. 

3. Burle Marx 
A compact growing Philodendron with glossy green leaves. Birle Marx differs from most Philodendrons by having an upright, heavily branching growth habit, making it grow as a compact and dense shrub rather than a sprawling vine.

4. Mojito Syngonium
A variety with arrow-head leaves that are mottled with dark greens through to lighter, cream greens. This fast growing plant is suitable for almost every spot in your home.

5. Chain of hearts
A gorgeous trailing plant that’s perfect for hanging pots or baskets. The ‘chains’ can reach 3-4m long and the heart shaped leaves, which can include shades of green, purple, red and cream, are just so cuute!

6. Fiddle Leaf Fig 'Bambino'
This plant has tropical veined leaves shaped like a fiddle. It thrives in a warm spot with bright light (but not direct sunlight) and likes regular watering. Still can grow to 1.5m high.

7. Watermelon Peperomia
These have exploded in popularity among houseplant lovers thanks to their stunning watermelon-patterned foliage. They have a compact growth habit, and their leaves are not only colorful but also have a shimmery appearance that is especially stunning when the sunlight catches them. 

8. Moth Orchid (Phalenopsis Orchid)
A really popular orchid plant for indoors. Some of the colours are amazing, with stripes and splotches. See our instagram for some of the photos.

9. Peace Lily
Hardy and forgiving is how to explain this plant. It is also an air purifier - which makes them easy for the office too.

10. Philodendron Tortum
Philodendron tortum has captured my attention. It looks like a fern at first glance - but no offence to the fern - it's way more interesting, Its leaves opening up look like something out of the movie Alien. Seems way hardier than a fern. 




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